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We are looking for men who are willing to participate in a mouthwash study to eradicate gonorrhoea.




If you are a male16 years and over, with a diagnosis of throat gonorrhoea, you are eligible to join.



Call us on 1800 732 644 or

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About OMEGA2

Men who have been diagnosed with throat gonorrhoea are invited to take part in this research project: “Oral Mouthwash use to Eradicate GonorrhoeA (OMEGA2)”.

Gonorrhoea is a very common sexually transmitted infection that can infect the throat, urethra, and rectum.


Study Information

The OMEGA 2 Study looks at whether an antiseptic mouthwash can be used for an alternative treatment for throat gonorrhoea without using antibiotics.


This will be investigated by conducting a randomised controlled research study. Two treatments will be available in this study and you have 50% chance of receiving either antibiotics or mouthwash treatment.



The standard antibiotic treatment for gonorrhoea is a single injection of ceftriaxone plus a single oral dose of azithromycin. These medications are approved in Australia to treat gonorrhoea.


The mouthwash is an experimental treatment which means that it is not an approved treatment for gonorrhoea in Australia. However, the study mouthwash is a commercial mouthwash that is widely available from supermarkets and chemists in Australia. The study mouthwash does not contain alcohol. A previous clinical trial has shown that this mouthwash can clear most gonorrhoea 5 minutes after gargling the mouthwash.


If mouthwash works as well as antibiotics do, it could mean less antibiotics will need to be used for gonorrhoea treatment in the future.


The ethical aspects of this research project have been approved by the Alfred Hospital Ethics Committee (Number 153/18).




  • Principal Investigator:

Dr Eric Chow and Professor Christopher Fairley


  • Associate Investigators:

A/Prof Catriona Bradshaw, A/Prof Marcus Chen, Prof Jane Hocking, Dr Deborah Williamson, Prof Benjamin Howden, Ms Kate Maddaford


  • Research Nurses:

Kate Maddaford.


  • Study sites

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre



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What's Involved

If you have been diagnosed with throat gonorrhoea recently and you are interested in this study, you will then meet with a research nurse who will explain the study to you and assess if you are eligible.


After explaining the study, you will be asked to provide informed consent and will be randomly allocated to receive the standard antibiotics treatment or the study mouthwash.



If you are allocated to receive the study mouthwash, you will be required to rinse, gargle, and spray the study mouthwash two times a day for 14 days.



All participants in both groups will be required to visit the clinic two extra times at Week 2 and Week 4. During these visits, we will ask you to provide a saliva sample and complete a questionnaire. The research nurse will also collect three throat swabs at each clinic visit.



Participation in this research is voluntary and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There is also a free call number 1800-732-644 where you can speak to a research nurse anytime during business hours throughout the study.



      Some resources for participants:

OMEGA2 Instruction Sheet

How to rinse, gargle and spray with mouthwash

     •  (Download PDF)

OMEGA2 Video Instruction

Rinse, gargle and spray
mouthwash video

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Q & A

  • What happens if I have any side effects after receiving the treatment?

    Please contact the research nurse on 1800-732-644 as soon as possible.

  • What happens if I run out of mouthwash?

    You can request an extra bottle of mouthwash. Please contact the research nurse on 1800 732 644.

  • Can I have sex during treatment?

    Unfortunately, you can’t have sex (including kissing) with anyone for 14 days.

Contact Us

How can I join the study?


  • Contact us on: 1800-732-644
  • Send an SMS to the above number
  • Email us at: omega2@mshc.org.au
  • Ask your clinician about OMEGA2 when you are next at your clinic



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