Melbourne Sexual Health Centre has been in operation since 1918. In this time it has established a reputation of excellence and innovation.

The service from which the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre has evolved was established in 1918 as a specialised unit for the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmissible infections (STIs), in response to the needs of soldiers returning from the First World War.

Many changes have occurred in the intervening years, with a variety of names, such as the Government VD Clinic, the Communicable Diseases Centre and the STD Centre. These changes have seen the progressive development of a widely respected service, constantly striving for the highest standards of patient care, education and prevention.

As the service has become more and more sophisticated, so has its importance as a principal centre for the training of medical undergraduates and medical and nursing postgraduates as well as other health professionals. This important role is enhanced by the appointment of a Professor/Director in late 1999 which provided an important stimulus for research activities at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.

In 1992 the State Government purchased and refurbished the premises at 580 Swanston Street Carlton and the name Melbourne Sexual Health Centre was adopted. The greatly improved facilities have provided a comfortable, relaxed setting much appreciated by our clients. An agreement between the Commonwealth and State Governments provides ongoing funding which establishes a sound basis for continuing development and prevention of STIs and HIV infection.

In 2003, the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre joined with the Alfred Health network which incorporates The Alfred - home to a large Infectious Diseases Unit including the State's HIV/AIDS service. MSHC and The Alfred work in close collaboration to ensure the ongoing high quality STI and HIV/ AIDS services across both sites.