My health information


What happens to information about me?

Protecting patient privacy is something we respect at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre and Alfred Health

Information is stored in a secure manner, and we support, promote and comply with Victorian privacy legislation.
Your health information will be used and may be disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected and will be protected from misuse. The collection or sharing of information is limited to that which is necessary, rather than what may be useful in the future.

When you become a patient of Alfred Health, a record is made containing your name, address; contact details and other information such as the nature of the problem for which you seek treatment and the treatment or advice you were given.
Every time you attend Alfred Health, new information is added to your record.

In most circumstances, your information may also be included on clinical databases where necessary for your treatment or ongoing care. Alfred Health will also collect information about you from other health services as necessary and this information will be added to your record.

How is my information protected and who has access to it?

Information about you is stored in an electronic medical record which is stored securely.
Information stored within our computer systems are password protected.

Who else receives information about me?

We may provide information about you to a health professional outside Alfred Health who requires the information in connection with your further treatment. Sometimes Alfred Health is legally obligated to release personal information about you. These circumstances include:

  • Complying with a subpoena to provide your medical record as evidence in court (in case of legal action);
  • Mandatory notification of sexually transmitted infections to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria); and
  • Reporting other demographic information about you to the Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria). This information is essentially de-identified.

“My Health Record”

“My Health Record” is an Australian Government initiative to provide a national digital health record
While inpatients of Alfred Health hospitals have their information uploaded to My Health Record, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC) is currently not doing this. Alfred Health is considering uploading clinical information of MSHC clients after 2020.
However, if you have a My Health Record, some prescriptions including vaccinations dispensed at MSHC may be uploaded into your My Health Record.
It is important for you to understand how My Health Record works and how you control who can see your My Health Record information.

My Health Record and children aged under 18

If you are under 18 years of age, your My Health Record medical health information might be visible to your parent.
For further details,
or, if you have concerns, please contact Alfred Health’s Health Information Services on 9076 2644.

Using information to improve future care

We may use de identified information about you to improve the quality and effectiveness of our healthcare, including research. Staff carrying out these activities must follow strict guidelines, gain appropriate consent, and maintain confidentiality. Information is only made available for research projects approved by our Ethics Committee following thorough investigation and review. Staff may look at your medical record to see if a research project is suited to you, and you may be approached about taking part. This research improves our understanding and treatment of diseases and injuries, and helps us provide better clinical care.

More information

How can I access information about me?
Through the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) you have the right to request access to your medical record and personal information held by Alfred Health. If there is information in the record that is incorrect or you do not agree with, you can request for it to be to be corrected.

To make a request, contact:
Freedom of Information Officer
Alfred Health
(03) 9076 5149
A fee is charged for FOI requests

Qualified interpreters are available to assist either via phone or in person. Let your healthcare professional know if you will need an interpreter.

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Updated 1-10-2018