HIV - Information and Services


Accessing HIV specialist services

People living with HIV can access specialist medical services at Infectious Diseases departments at major public hospitals throughout Melbourne. These services can be accessed with a referral from a GP.

There are also a number of general practice clinics that have some doctors who also provide HIV care in this setting. Limited after hours appointments are available.  The Green Room (TGR) at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre is a specialist clinic providing care and support for people living with HIV. The care of TGR clients involves nurses, doctors and other allied health clinicians who all specialise in HIV care.  The service is open during office hours only and is an appointment based service. These services can all be self-referred.


See HIV Friendly Medical/Dental Clinics factsheet for further information.

HIV Information & Resources

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisation

The AFAO website has excellent relevant information about HIV testing and prevention, sexual health, research and explains medical terminology.

Ph. (02) 9557 9399


National Association of People with HIV Australia

The NAPWHA website includes information on many topics including healthy living, community news, HIV treatment and clinical trials.

Ph. (02) 8568 0300


AIDS Council of New South Wales

The ACON website has information on many topics including living with HIV, men’s and women’s health, ageing and harm minimisation.

Ph. (02) 9206 2000



The NAM website provides independent, clear and accurate HIV information.  This is a comprehensive global database for individuals and communities affected by HIV.

Information in languages other than English and services for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds


The NAM website provides independent, clear and accurate HIV information in many languages.  Refer to the Translations tab for more information in languages other than English.


Multicultural HIV/AIDS Health Service

An excellent website for accessing HIV related information in languages other than English and serves people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The website has various factsheets on HIV and hepatitis.


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Provide support to asylum seekers in the community by providing information about human rights and entitlements. ACRC provide access to services such as legal and health services, food aid, employment training and skills development.


Drummond Street Services

DS Services has an African Support program which addresses a range of complex settlement issues such as poverty, housing, employment, mental health, domestic violence and isolation.

Ph. 9663 6733

Community Services and Support in Victoria

Living Positive Victoria

An organisation that provides community programs and peer education for people living with HIV and the wider community.

Ph. (03) 9863 8733


Thorneharbour (formally VAC)

Thorne Harbour Health has a long, rich and diverse history, working with and for LGBTI communities and people living with or affected by HIV. This is reflected in the principles that govern and underpin the way we work.

Ph. (03) 9865 6700


Positive Women Victoria

A community based organisation focusing on supporting women living with HIV through peer support, community events and personal development courses.

Ph. (03) 9863 8747


The Institute of Many

TIM is a peer led group for HIV positive people living in Melbourne.  TIM organise social events to bring people together to share their experience. TIM members also interact online and this can be accessed through joining a confidential mailing list on the TIM website.


Sex and Relationships

A Safe Sex Guide for Gay Men

ACON has very comprehensive booklet on men’s health particularly relating to safe sex and HIV called ‘A Safe Sex Guide for Gay Men’ and can be downloaded from the website.


HIV Positive Gay Sex

ACON have a wealth of information on Men’s Health and HIV including information on sero-sorting, sexuality and sexual health. Download a booklet called ‘HIV Positive Gay Sex’.


Opposites Attract

ACON has a booklet that can be downloaded called ‘Opposites Attract’ for HIV negative men who are in a gay relationship with a HIV positive partner.


HIV and Hepatitis C

The New Deal is a website with practical information explaining Hepatitis C transmission and risk for gay men and other men who have sex with men, particularly those living with HIV.


Reproductive options for HIV Positive Men

AFAO have published ‘Reproductive options for HIV positive men’, a factsheet for HIV positive men who are considering or interested in having children using their own sperm.


Women and Safer Sex

The HIV, Hepatitis & STI Education & Resource Centre has an excellent factsheet called ‘Women and HIV- safe sex’ for positive women on negotiating safe sex and relationships.


Treat Yourself Right

AFAO have an excellent booklet called ‘Treat Yourself Right’ for women about HIV, sexual and reproductive health.

Legal considerations and disclosure

HIV and the Law

AFAO have comprehensive information about HIV and the law in Australia.


Confidentiality, Disclosure and Discrimination

AFAO have comprehensive information and links relating to disclosure, confidentiality and discrimination in Australia.