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Men who have been recently diagnosed with pharyngeal gonorrhoea or men that are currently on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention are invited to take part in this research project: “Gonorrhoea INcidence Study (GIN)”. Gonorrhoea is a very common sexually transmitted infection among gay men in Australia. It can infect the throat, urethra and rectum, with the throat the most common site.

Study Information

About the GIN Study

The GIN study looks at how common gonorrhoea is in the throat and how its presence is related to kissing, oral sex and rimming practices.

You will need to take a weekly saliva sample at home and send it back to the clinic over an 11 week period and then return to the clinic for routine sexual health testing at week 12.

The ethical aspects of this research project have been approved by the Alfred Hospital Ethics Committee (Number 272/19).

  • Principle Investigator: Dr Lenka Vodstrcil
  • Associate Investigators: Professor Christopher Fairley, Dr Eric Chow, A/Professor Catriona Bradshaw, Kate Maddaford, Sabrina Trumpour, A/Professor Deborah Williamson, Dr Melanie Bissessor, Dr Tina Schmidt, Dr Andrew Buchannan
  • Research Nurse: Kate Maddaford

What’s involved?

If you are interested in this study you will meet with a research nurse who will explain the study to you and assess if you are eligible.  After explaining the study, you will then be asked to provide informed consent.

The research nurse will then collect a saliva sample from you and show you a video instructing you on how to collect this sample at home each week over the next 11 weeks.  You will then be provided with 11 collection kits with reply paid packs to take home with you.  You will also need to complete a short questionnaire each week that is to be returned with each sample collected.

After you have completed the 11 weeks we will then ask you to return to the clinic for your routine three monthly screening and collect a final saliva sample.


Participation in this study is voluntary and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.  There is also a free call number 1800 732 644 where you can speak to a research nurse anytime during business hours throughout the study.


If you participate in the study, for each home sample taken that we receive you will be reimbursed $10 for your time (up to $110) over the 12 weeks.  This will be paid to you as a Coles-Myer gift-card at your scheduled visit in three months’ time from enrollment.


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The GIN study has a variety of resources to assist you with the completion of the study, should you require any other information please contact the GIN study below.

Instruction video

Watch the video on how to collect a saliva sample

Contact GIN

How can I join the study?

  • Contact us on: 1800 732 644
  • Ask your clinician about the GIN study when you are next at MSHC

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GIN study
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GIN study
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GIN study
Sign Up to the
GIN study