Australasian Contact Tracing Manual


For many years contact tracing - or partner notification - has been a cornerstone in the management of patients diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and tuberculosis and is considered an essential component in the control of these infections.

Recent Australian research suggests that both health care providers and patients diagnosed with STIs would like more guidance and resources to assist them with partner notification. This latest edition of the Australasian Contact Tracing Manual  aims to provide this practical support and guidance and to enhance the effectiveness of partner notification.




Please feel free to contact the Partner Notification Officers for assistance with the following services:

  • Refer your client for assistance with confidential partner notification or any advice around options for partner notification 
  • If you are concerned that a person in the community is placing others at risk of HIV

Partner Notification Officers
Department of Health and Human Services
State Government of Victoria
Phone (03) 9096 3367
Fax (03) 9347 1877
Email Contact Tracer 

PNO brochure:  (PDF 135kb 6pp)