Telling Your Partner




If you have been diagnosed with a sexually transmissible infection (STI), then you should let your sexual partners know. Letting your partners know they need to get tested and treated will protect their health and stop the spread of STIs. It will also stop you from getting re-infected by the same person.

It can be difficult to talk to partners about STIs. That’s why we give you information on how to tell your partners yourself or tell them anonymously on our website. 



Your  past partners should be told because they may have the infection and be spreading the STI to other people. Telling your partner is not only important for their health but for the health of the entire community. Even if you are angry at them, they should be told.


Your current partners should be told because being infected with an STI can damage their health, and even if you have been treated for the STI, you can get re-infected by your partners if they do not get treated. Telling current partners can be especially tough if you were infected by someone other than your main partner. It’s possible that you got the STI before you started your current relationship with your main partner. If is the time to have a difficult conversation. Remember most people will be very grateful to be told.