Medicare Card - Client Information

How do I get a Medicare card?
To receive a Medicare card you must enrol in Medicare. To enrol in Medicare, fill out the Medicare enrolment application form.

You must also either:

• hold Australian citizenship
• hold documented New Zealand citizenship
• have been issued with a permanent visa, or

• have applied for a permanent visa, excluding an application for a parent visa
• have permission to work, or
• can prove a relationship to an Australian citizen or permanent resident

• Visitors from countries that have a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia are also eligible for medically necessary treatment.

Other requirements may also apply. 

For more information,

Medicare general enquiries

7 days a week
24 hours a day

132 011


How can my Medicare claim history be accessed?
Access your Medicare claim history online via  MyGov accounts are very secure. To login to a MyGov account  requires entering the following details:
  • MyGov ID
  • MyGov password
  • Security code which is sent to your mobile phone number
  • Answering personal questions which you set up when establishing the MyGov account

Can anyone else see my Medicare history online?

If you are on a shared Medicare card (with your partner or your parents), the following rules apply

  • If you are aged 14 or over, no-one else can see your Medicare claim history online by logging into their MyGov account
  • If you are under the age of 14, your parents can see limited details about your Medicare claim history online via their MyGov account:including date of service, item number, amount paid and the rebate given by Medicare.

Medicare obligations under the Privacy Act

This policy sets out how we comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles which are set out in a Schedule to that Act.

The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) regulate how the department, as an APP entity, must collect, use, disclose and store personal information. The APPs also give individuals the right to access and correct their personal information in certain circumstances.

Request your Medicare claims history on paper

If you require a Medicare claims history statement from more than 3 years ago, you can request one by completing a Request for Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) claims information for individuals and families form.

Information for partners and dependents: children under age 14, age 14 – 18, family members age 14 and over

For privacy and child protection reasons, no provider information is shown on the statement for children under the age of 14. Parents or guardians will still be able to see their dependent’s claims information, including date of service, item number, amount paid and the rebate given by Medicare. 

For privacy reasons, you cannot access Medicare claims history information for a partner or child aged between 14 and 18 years of age using your Medicare online account through myGov. You can request this information completing a Request for Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) claims information for individuals and families form.

This form states the following 

“Complete the following section if information is required for other family members aged 14 and over. If the other family members are not listed on your Medicare card, they will need to submit a separate request. Information requested for family members aged 14 years and over must be accompanied by their signature. Information will be sent directly to them”

Useful information on Medicare from DHS and Medicare Australia Website (all information below downloaded from/ taken from the Medicare website )

Last Updated Jan 2019