Medicare Card

Medicare at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre

Since April 2016, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre collects Medicare information from clients who have a Medicare card and are happy to provide these details.
If you do not have a Medicare card, you can still access free sexual health testing and treatment at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.
All services provided at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre are free, no gap payment applies.
When Melbourne Sexual Health Centre uses your Medicare card information, pathology testing and medication dispensed will be recorded on your Medicare record by Medicare. Find out more about Medicare
Some services at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre will require Medicare. These services are:

More information:

Privacy is important to us, and your health information will remain protected – just as it has always been.

We comply with both the Health Services Act 1988 and the Health Records Act 2001.

The Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) establishes privacy standards for the handling of all health information and the operation of all health services

The Health Services Act 1988 states that “a person employed by the health service or a person who performs work for the health service must not give to any other person, whether directly or indirectly, any patient information without the prior consent of the patient”

For information specific to the handling of Medicare information, see the relevant sections in the Department of Human Services Privacy Policy.